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(of the iceberg)

1- 95 per cent of all coconuts grown on trees fall to the ground and rot.

2- sometimes one must travel a very long way to arrive at a perfect place. over land, sea, hell, and high water. it's worth it.

3- sometimes one doesn't have to travel an inch to be in the perfect place.

4- when traveling over ground eg. by foot, bike, bicycle samlor, motorbike, cyclo, tri-shaw, pedi-cab, becak, mini-bus, train, auto -- or by sea eg. ferry, kumchong, barang, varong, sail boat, cruise ship, speed boat – in fact, in any open air vehicle – even in an airtight/air con long distance bubble bus -- one should refrain from reading and/or sleeping. pay attention to the changing topography, sights, smells, and sensual delights. make sure you're awake and alive.

5- an extraordinary feeling is to be out in it/completely alone ie. the desert, the road, the mountaintop -- and not have another single human being on the planet know you're there.

6- “perseverance furthers” (from the chinese “i ching”, book of changes). don't take "no" for an answer. remember, the east operates on “rubber” time. there is no such thing as "final" in asia.

7- things are not what they seem.

8- when something breaks or needs repair in southeast asia, take heart. it can be fixed. cheaply. and expertly. (no need, like in america, to "throw it out and buy a new one."

9- don't settle for what you already know. take a chance, the next step, leap. try something new.

10- come here and find out yo'selves.