1999, peacetime, rosh pina, israel




the wandering jew
benny and me – the west bank
tel aviv – a far cry from jerusalem
woodstock lives! the judean desert
the chosen people
the election, israel 1999
squaresville – the shantipi world music festival
a little (feminist) reflection
haifa, akko, and the dungeon master
the tzaddiks of svat
wadi kelt, jericho, marc chagall, & silence

the great sinai
sleeping with camels
cairo, mother of all cities
looking for larry 2, alexandria
alex to jerusalem, the history of the tower of david
the kibbutz on the golan heights
the sea of galilee
“tzipperese” at the mitzpeh amuka

belly dancing in amman
pissed on and off the kings' highway
petra, the cliff’s notes version
wadi rum
back from aqaba – and the nba
tel aviv take two – synchronicity, violence, & facades
full circle: tel aviv-los angeles